Campus recruitments

Current Scenario:

Our economy is poised for growth and it is the hiring time in most of the big corporate companies and multinationals. The real good news is that it's not the biggies alone who are hiring but the SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) is another booming sector. This sector will continue to drive India's economic growth and it presents significant career opportunities.

However in SME's it may not be mass recruitments like the big corporates but here theadvantage is that they make decisions much faster.

Glowmind take the extra initiative to spot the budding talents from the campuses. After analysing their areas of interest we guide them towards the suitable opportunities so that both our client and our candidate end up in a WIN WIN situation.

With our broad working experience we assit the students to identify their weak areas and help them to present themselves confidently.  

What We Deliver for the Campuses: 

a. We work closely with the campus placement cells to recruit potential fresh candidates for our clients' requirements.

b. During campus recruitments we provide orientation for the students on areas for improvement, empower them for their subsequent interviews.