Soft Skill Training Program for Educational Institutions

Current Scenario:

There has been a phenomenal increase in the number of professional colleges in our country. These institutions churn out very large no of professional graduates every year.The good news is that most of the graduates are able to get good offers from campus recruitments as well as from the open market.

Some times even the good students with good academic track record fail to impress the interview board just because thay are not able to express themselves well. At times even an average student with moderate marks will walk away with an attractive package.

Though your marks are very much important it doesn't mean that companies must hire you. You need to possess certain skills which will help you perform well.

Today every corporates are looking for candidates with good attitude & communication, commitment and a good career goal. In an interview even your attire is important. Though these are not new concepts most of the time we forget the basics.

A.Preparing candidate for Job Interview

Appropriate interview preparation takes time and attention, but there is nothing mysterious about it. By properly preparing for interviews, candidates should feel comfortable presenting themselves in a way that sets them apart from other candidates. Here are some of the tips to help candidates prepare for interviewing success:


1.Personality - employer need a candidate who is nice, not arrogant and stubborn. They want people who can work in a team, flexible and able to perform the operation and task.

2. Honest

3. Appearance- Candidates need not have to be beautiful and pretty but they need to show a clean look, confident and active. Some candidates are lazy. When ask with questions, they don't want to answer properly and slow to react.

4. Candidates' passion --This is one of the utmost important criteria.

 B. Empowering students with Life skills

We all know that today's world is extremely competitive. It's the survival of the fittest.Unlike ealier years we can see that the no of students who score distinctions, "A" level grades are very much higher. Unfortunately the level of academic performance doesn't get translated into life success. The number of teenagers who fall prey to tempting situations like drugs,alcohol has phenominally gone up.

It's not the marks alone that will fetch you success, but how you face the life challenges.It's about leading a life with love and respect for others,integrity,moral values and many more of such life skills that will fetch you success and peace of mind. 

So whether you choose succeed in life, gain mastery or attain happiness ....... there are essential life skills you need to win at the game of life.


 1. Self Knowledge Skills

 2.Problem Solving Skills

 3.Communication Skills

 4.Living Skills

 5.Relationship Skills